Reduce on-site visits by up to

Use Bifrost

A hardware based remote solution

For all types of devices

No software required

Just Plug & Play

Why Bifrost?

Bifrost enables remote access to any type of device without compromising security

Access your equipment securely and easily through a browser

Reach beyond software

Support equipment as if you were in front of it

Hardware diagnostics

Troubleshoot equipment even from BIOS/UEFI

Technician to technician

Remote collaboration between IT professionals


Remote investigation of offline infected devices

Add a new dimension to your remote support

Bifrost provides hassle-free remote access for authorized IT professionals who need the
same options as on-site personnel

Bifrost enables you to remotely solve up to 50% of all issues that require on-site presence with today’s options

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Video demonstration of the Bifrost

Built-in internet connection

Utilize Bifrosts built-in 4G connection whenever on-site LAN or Wifi is inaccessible

Security by design

Reach your equipment via Bifrosts secure cloud – no file transfer and no software installation needed

Portable and battery powered

Work with Bifrost for hours on-the-go without needing an external power supply

Connect to all types of devices

Bifrost enables remote support to PC's, servers, mobile devices, network equipment, you name it

A whole new era of remote IT support

Bifrost utilizes a unique approach to remote access by using hardware ports, i.e. video output and key input, allowing connection to devices before they even boot.

Bifrost enables authorized IT professionals to remotely access and control:

Cross Platform devices

All operating systems

Network equipment

Situations with offline devices

Situations with boot-failures

Unconfigured new devices

How Bifrost differentiates

Bifrost works independently of connection and OS failures


No installation necessary – easy operation

No software required

Bifrost is a non-intrusive solution

Multiplatform IT support

Access & control cross platform devices and operating systems

"Out of the box" configuration

Configure and set-up devices remotely

Easy hardware diagnostics

Troubleshoot equipment - even from BIOS/UEFI


Anonymous device and network data

Guest access

Grant temporary access to guests and trusted partners

Technician to technician

Remote collaboration between IT professionals


Remote investigation of offline infected devices


Choose the plan that works best for you

Connect to Connect to all devices Connect to all devices Connect to all devices Network equipment only
Usage Included 1-hour usage 5-hour usage Unlimited usage
(limited to 10 hour usage on 4G)
(terminal usage)
4G/Wifi/LAN Connection
One-time Password
Firmware & cloud updates
Bifrost Support
Lifetime Warranty
Shared Usage Hours
Unlimited LAN/WiFi usage
Commitment Term

12 months

12 months

12 months

12 months










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Bifrost would have saved Sitecore significant time and frustration. Both by helping the IT department manage remote equipment, saving time and money on travel, but also because it can be utilized by hundreds of employees in the field or other remote locations.

Michael Seifert
Co-Founder Sitecore

Bifrost will provide an innovative and cost-efficient solution, which can effectively help reduce the time and resources needed to solve IT issues and reduce downtime, allowing us to provide an even better experience for our clients.

Supporting friends & family?

Help your friends and relatives with IT issues remotely

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About Stanfeld

"I looked around but could not find the right tool for the job. So I decided to build it."

This simple idea became the foundation of our company after Benjamin Stanfeld encountered a problem as old as the IT industry itself – more than 15% of IT issues still require physical access.

Today, we’re a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, striving to make life with IT easier by creating technology that bridges the gap between on-site and remote support.

Ready to kickstart a new era of remote support, we introduce our latest invention Bifrost – A game changing Plug and Play solution that establish hassle-free remote access to any type of device.

By continually reimagining remote collaboration, we aim to boost convenience and productivity levels in organizations worldwide without compromising security levels.

If that catches your interest, we would love to hear from you. Our company is located in Copenhagen and all products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Scandinavia.

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